psycho people

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

psycho people!


This right here is real spit! To all the Looney tunes or the ones that know your elevator says 12th flood but it only go two 2th floor! You know how much the last one was that you dated was a psycho WHY OH WHY would you get another one then cry to me how unhappy you are! Just listen to me first you say I’m going to find me a man then you dress in the most short dress you can find and you show all you big o’ tidy’s and the first place you go is to the club! Where all the freaks are and then you let your freak flag fly go little freak let it fly! Then just because you are lonely and feel your clock is ticking you don’t even try to see if I come to your house and on the first time we bang what do I need to come back for? Now here is the clicker! You know that you in the past you never ever picked a good one. How would this time you think you got a winner? Listen this six hundred pound bear at this time my act like a cute stuff bear but when this bear is poked here it comes a can of whip azz and you open it! People may look cool just hang around them for a few and keep that kitty cat dry for now! And use your better judgment! Do you wonder why you got him no one else want his sorry azz! Because this fool is still a kid in a candy store and you is on the shelf! Most make the mistake and tell a friend how good they got it! And this psycho bitch nut in her drawers! And time as she see him it’s on and popping! And if you think A naked piece of azz is not a go getter! Next time he come in get butt naked and see how much he say no! And then you say how can my friend do this or I can believe he would do this! Well here real truth two for one is a good day for a dick! No he not a dick I’m talking about his dick! To burn down a new piece is heaven to him! this is the same reason he got with you at the club! Now you think well I go to church to find me a good man don’t you know that is were all the dogs rome because they know that most women in there saying god send me a man and he says here I am your booty calls and I know you want me! Now I know we got some bold women out there that say I don’t need a man these are the one’s that play hard to get and this is what they want some one that they can say he love the chase! And now she feel so special and think she got a winner but just don’t realize she is a beginner! Time has change! The game has change! And you still stuck in the past that why they used your Azz! If you got one! Here is your way out! Run you fool! peace pastorvoice!

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