The king is gone!

the king is gone!



The king is gone oh were oh were has that has that freaky king gone? This king lose his throne the clown is still working the girl with spots on her face is booming! Even the cows still say’s eat more chicken! But you are not seen any more! How is it the place has your name but no you? You got a singing four eyed bald as and eagle man talking about turkey! Turkey? What turkey took your place or you was a joke from the start let see first your face had a bad face lift! You smile all the time never did you took a whopper and kick it’s azz! Whopper Jr and spicy chicken took the show and blow up heck they told the whopper to shut the hell up! All you did was smile! Smile? What is it with that stupid smile when I saw you sitting on a man bed all you did woke him up and smile WTF? Hey mutombo still is blocking stuff! And “saying not in my house!”And what are you doing some where smiling like when some one who runs backwards in a corn field and be shock that a corn cob is stuck in his azz!! Oh now you want some one to care about your sorry smiling azz! Who knew that the king will get cut! And no one care about how you who broke in and stole stuff no cop caught you or put you in jail heck if that was one of us they would have beat our door down! But nooo! The king got away in those tight azz tights and a cape on a motorcycle I don’t even believe it how someone as not cool as you get to have a place with your name on it! We need to rename your place let me see jack in the box? No they are more better! Carl jr no they take to long to give you your stuff! What about duchess bag king! Why you and your have it your way when if I want a duck burger you look at me like I ask for to wear your crown! No one want to wear your crown like you don’t sell duck burgers so how the heck can I have it my way you dick! This is crazy why do you think that you can just be the king! When all you do is look so lost when the clown can get down and you can’t! You got piss when that old lady ask you Where’s the beef? You tried to hang late nite but you could not hang! But you tried to get people to like you by smiling! Well you hit the rock bottom I found you and it don’t look pretty! PORN just look at you when I see your picture at the bottom and top of page I ask why cum on your mouth and you trying to look sexy well this is all I can say all that called themselves the king is going Elvis, Michael, Don, Rodney, And now burger! SO like EX-lax this run thru you and make you mess your Azz up! Hail to Long john sliver! GO FISH! And wipe your mouth you cum sucker! peace pastorvoices!!!


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