Friday, March 29, 2013

words and change!


Words has change so much that when you here them you will say WTF? Like tweens what is that they didn’t had a phase for some one who is not a teenager and not a kid? Why don’t they just leave it alone! Why make a word as tween and then make it popular to say? Listen the kids is not 13 yet and they are not 9 so what are they just kid that need to live their age and stop trying to grow them up too fast! This is our problem here in the USA! Now stop before you get all stupid on me and hear me out because if you get mad at the truth then don’t read my blog why all you will get is the truth! So truth hurts! And here is some truth we change words to make it where no one can get offend by them! Like retard or retarded now we say mentally challenge. But you know a person that do stuff so stupid that you call them a retard not meaning that they are handicap or that they have a physical disability but what you are saying that you are so lost and do stuff so weird that that no normal acting person would do! Retard! Watch this Gay when you said gay back in time you just describe how happy they act and it didn’t matter if you was call gay! But because we like to put word to act now gay is a slur that no one want to be called if they are straight! But nothing mean what the hell it’s saying! Watch this you is the bomb! or you so cool! or kiss my azz! do you kiss a Azz when ask! If so here is one everyone like a little azz kissing every now and then. Now this piece of truth will blow you away every one who go to church love to say I am a Christian! But the word Christian was a slur by the old saints to the new ones the said they were Christ like and now we took a slur and made a whole movement after it! But if you called me a butt wipe I would not make it in to something that you would call good! What I’m saying words will hurt and when you put them out you can’t take them back but if you convince a lot of people to think that it’s cool to be a Tween! You can pass numb nuts to be cool! or son of a brisket or a mother flockier to be cool ! Now this is true all men and now women is mothers fuckers! All who has a child or you are having babies then your partner is a mother fucker when you have sex then are you both fucking each other? And one had a baby or can have a baby two men can say that no matter how they act or have sex! Why neither can give birth! So only a woman can be a mother and now both try to poke her! so if you don’t like the words that most say offend them.Then stop putting them in our face and say this is you! Hey I like retard and I’m not making fun of the disable It just mean you are a dumb azz! And if I call you a dick It don’t mean you are one just act like one! peace pastorvoices!


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