slum lords!

slum lord!


Here we go again facing no home this mess make me go to war on slum lords! First they have the nerve to say they need their money for a house that they don’t do a dam thing to! And now when you say fix it or I won’t pay then they pull out their azz a stupid saying that you have to move hell I’m not 30 day back on my rent yet but now you let me know you don’t give a rats azz about it’s raining in here you don’t care about the floor when I can see the ground threw it but most of all these rats and roaches that take over my house any time they want to come out! Man you get so tired of messing with these people where the hell is the American dream not for the ones that stay in this place! To say I’m black and don’t have any say so in this place you say go back to Africa hell I never been there or do I want to go! Look in the phonebook if there’s is one martin in it he is not kin to me! I was born in Elisabeth N.J not in a hut or some shack! Glory manners was the place I knew but my mother brought us down to a place call south Carolina hell To me Africa look better and not just to any place Darlington S.C. And there is nothing darling about this place. Yes we have slum lords in jersey! But Here we have a bunch of people who stole the land and now renting it for a price that is not worth the house you live in! I know we don’t like to talk about the past but we in this place we live in the past each day. At this point I’m ready to catch a case go ride on this landlord and bust a few caps in his azz! Hell you say move right well this is hard to do when you don’t qualify for a azz wipe here!If you owe then you can get but first you must not be able to pay for it then you can get it! But when you don’t owe no one then it’s a bitch! Why I don’t like to owe no one and these dicks want you in debt so they can bust your chops and take what you have so they can say the black man is sorry and lazy and don’t want nothing. Well that’s true if that you but I’m not like that and I won’t bow down to just make a tobacco spiting no dick having dog smelling azz wipe to say see them black azz people don’t need nothing but a shack look at pictures down and you will see what the hell i’m talking about! And to the one that read this and don’t like it so what it not you that got your family in this shit! peace pastorsvoice!!!!HAVE A NICE DAY!It’s Joe’s apartment!

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