Faking the funk!

faking the funk!


These big oh bombs is not real sure someone paid for them but this is my take on faking the funk! So many people is not happy with the way they look! They will change anything they don’t like! Just look at Michael Jackson oh my bad you can’t! His fake funk beat it! And all his thriller is now a filler and all will say stop picking on him I like him! Well leave your little brother or your young son with him and just see how much you like him now! Ok I will start this now asking who bad? That face job you did! You change so much that you lost your nose! How the hell can you lose your nose that is on your face OK my bad again he could take his nose off and on any time he wanted to! How fake is that you walk in and a nose is on the table! But how about this! Hey being real I hate the hell out of weave hair! Why you are faking the funk! You know that your hair did not grow that straight after it came out of the band that wrapped your knots around! It’s bad enough that we have to act like we mind when you ladies fake that you are Cumming! When we are banging in bed! Do you really think we really care after we get ours! Man you can fake the funk all you want scream and moan heck I have cum and gone! So here is another fake thing we do when we put a sock down in our cock and act like this is what we got! Or when the ladies take a duchess and then say I’m a virgin! Or when a man drive in the woods and you ask what are you doing? After we have said let’s do the dam thing! This is a good one When you wake up and your panties is off and he is on you getting his nut then you ask what are you doing? “Heck getting a nut!” You know like my oil checker is apart of your pond no that’s not a dream because you are awake asking me what are you doing! Heck I’m not an sex expert but so many ask me in my e-mail to tell them what the heck they all ready know! You faked the funk so much that you have start living your lie! Big twins and no butt! WTF! Here you got all these twins but nothing to hold on to it’s like banging a stick with two knots on it! See time has change A lady with a good body is in. Some fools think that they like a big butt! But it’s a big butt that takes a lot off toilet paper to wipe and no matter how much toilet paper you use stick your finger back there and scratch the hole and smell your finger! A big butt has a lot of funk! Just take this to mind! Be real stop changing things to get some one who you will hate when all you put on have to come off or out or will go south! No matter how much you pull and tuck nip and burn time will tell you that the smile on your face never leave even when you are piss off you won’t stop smiling and people will say stop playing! Boy we can’t take you serious because you are always smiling! When it’s just your face is stuck! Man when they stop asking me to give them advice on life then I would stop being so blunt! This is one thing I hate A Fake azz person how about you? If for some reason you like to be lied to then take your stunt when you fake the funk that why your girl call you a punk! With your small and can screw azz! peace pastorsvoice!!! look down and all the ladies just think if all this was in you no faking there! HAVE SOME FUN OK?


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