K/Y jelly blues!

This is the disappointment you spend your money and get this sex changing jelly that make a good screw bad! You ask me how just think on these things! First you put this jelly on a kitty cat that all ready is wet then you have a ocean! That most would never stay in why the flood of the fluid is too great for the stick to stay in and to all that say I don’t have that problem sure a little stick can float in a pond but a big stick get push out by pressure! So don’t pat yourself on the back big sticks know what I’m talking about! See the only ones need this is the one that has a desert between their legs! Or some one who love to swim! Because if you add more water to a stream it floods! And you want to feel what you are getting right? if you want to fake the smoke some crack and chase that lie! Fact Two! K/Y jelly is lube to make it easy to get in now just think about having a baby naturally look how big that pond get! And You with a oil checker that don’t measure up to a head! Think on this! Now to all the freaks that can’t make love the old way! You is so happy you got a freak that do anything you want so you brag on how good your sex is lets go there you so happy you found this ride But look at the ride the ride did not learn how to twist and turn on you many rode that ride before you and that ride has been on that track many times why you think it so good! But that ride can’t tell you when it is going to malfunction what I mean IT TAKE TIME TO KNOW YOU HAVE AIDS! NOW ENJOY THE RIDE!AND LOOK AT THE PICTURE AND SAY WHAT FUN I HAD WITH K/Y yours and mind!

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