a word to the hater!

Friday, March 22, 2013

a word to the hater!


Do your best to try my test my flow is so smooth and all that you say just make me grow and grow! So you think that your words is doing damage but you just don’t know how the hell I manage to say one step above the mess you steady love to spit out your chest. So I see just what you is all about! You try to bring me down but you need to ask around town!My flow is what you don’t know how deep that I am in the steet of words! And what you really don’t know is what a thug is about? When every word come out your mouth is slow and not sure how the game is played.Let me take you to school about how I rule! This beast that you unleash just grow and grow to spit this shit that takes true grit and never giving a shit about how it feel or what the deal thats why i keep it real to all that fulfill my sex appeal now you are asking is he for real? Sure you start! Now my turn to show just how it done! Time is not your friend And if you don’t keep you head up with a blink you sink into my world of pain in your brain thats make you feel the blame for the shame that has landed just like a plane all up in your rain! What rain? This rain feel the cool water that hits your skin you say it feels so good until the flu hits you and you say what the hell is happening to me! See you call me rain but I’m the flu that is kicking the shit out of you making you feel that you need a pill but you just don’t know no pill will cure this ill just the mess that came from your chest that is in your heart which made the start of all this woe that keeps me in a flow! So in my groove thats why i’m so smooth to show just how much you don’t know to be a hater carry a price that cost your life the pain all ways bring you back to school and the rule is you make me better and better every time you step out of line how the hell you like these rhymes that put the haters on a dime time after time. So next time you will think before wink my words will keep you insnink that pastorsvoice is the bank that you place all that you may think and you will know I’m the baddest mo fo that you know!PEACE PASTORSVOICE Have a nice day haters!

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