cell phone woes!

cell phone woes!


Here is a piece of advice you think that because you pay all that money on your phone you think you have the best well here is a true story about cell phones! I was off I-20 at the Lamar exit and I needed gas so I was talking on my phone a really good one. One that cost me $ 86.00 a month yes you read right Boss I thought! Well when I pull in at gas station my phone went dead as in no bars no way I was going to make my call to tell my client I’m on my way I just stop to get gas. So picture me in the parking lot like a satellite with my phone I put it up no bars pulled it down no bars now at this time I start going around and around but no bars! Now here come a big azz tractor! And this tractor pull in the lot too! This dirty black man that look like he was on the range for a long time he had dust from his head to toe. And what really caught my attention his shoes was not cowboys boots they were old skips that had duct tape all on them these shoes needed to be thrown away before his momma was born all he really had was the tape to stick his feet in and sticking out one of the holes was his toe nail! And this nail was long and brown I bet if he run across a field his print would look like a deer track and some hunter would be piss off because he was the deer they was tracking! But this dusty man came my way and spit that nasty azz tobacco spit out of his mouth! And ask something that made me stop and look! “He said why are you holding your phone and going around and around that’s funny!” Now at this time I wanted to ask his why are you intercourseing with me! But I laugh and said I don’t have any signal on my phone! He said well I do want to use my phone? So me being a smart azz said yes sure what can it hurt! This mother of a dead dog pulled a phone our of his pocket that was so old and it was a free phone that the state gives you with 250 free minutes on it. Now I am here with this my touch that cost me all this money with no bars then I look at his dirty free phone that has all it’s bars! And he rub it in and said I can go to the river and fish and still have bars how about you? Now at this point I was piss all this money I’m paying for this phone and he pay nothing but my phone can’t make a call but his dirty free phone can! This showed me that simple will beat complex all the time! So the next time I get a phone which will be in two years! Dam T-Mobile you piece of crap! Free is the way to go a free drink get you more high than a paid one! A free party have more fun that one you pay for! And last but not lease a free screw last longer than one you pay for! At lease you can go for seconds but if you pay one is all you get! So take this to the bank free beats payments all day! peace pastorsvoice!!!!!!!!


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