pop-up ads!

pop up ads!


All those pop up on my page all the time I go to yahoo I can’t get by some one trying to get me to look at a naked girl or to buy something or to join some class reunion or to try something that I don’t have a clue as what the heck they is offering! Why in the world do these stupid ads come up? If they are so good word of mouth will spread them. But these things that they offer Stevie wonder can see that they are no good! And I have never been to a strip club Why would I want to meet you on line when most that is on line lie lie lie about who they are how they look and what they have. Sorry to the ones that found true love on line this next statement will hurt! You have to be desperate lonely and nobody in their in circle of friend that want you or you some azz hole that get his kicks in lying! Or this is the big one you are some one that never had a relationship besides your pets! To the guys out here that reads my blog can you tell me where’s the thrill in sticking your money in a lady G-string and all you can do is look and don’t get no booty? Or you and the boys give all your money to these girls and some other man like her boyfriend spend your money and the next day all you got for a weeks work is how much fun you had at a strip club and now you are broke can’t pay for beer you ask me to buy because some other guy who you don’t know is out with the girl who you don’t know spending your money that you had a chance to know if you kepted it in your pocket but no you made it rain in the club you gave all you had to make you look big! Why in the hell would you still have a Champaign mind but a beer wallet! Listen to a piece of mind you have to live for the rest of the week! And you know job stands for just over broke! Now ladies here’s a sure way you don’t have to worry about when your man go out listen to pastorsvoice on this one! Get his tail in the bed room and screw his brains out not once but knock a home run with his azz! Then let him go I bet you he won’t have this in mind let me see if I can score! Why the first thing would hit his mind is she never did that before and all the time she never in the mood what got in to her? And when he ask tell him if you can’t take care home I’m getting ready to show the next one what he in for this is just practice and leave it at that I’ll bet you each time he get ready to go out he will think twice about how you whipped that thing on him and he will picture you whipping it on someone else and he will say sorry fellows I got to get home because my lady is acting strange and I want to see what’s up! And in your mind you can say GOT YA! OR bang his brains out and look just like this picture when you are riding him! peace pastorsvoice!!!

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