A story of stupidity!

Most people would love to have this instead of
the pain that comes with this action! Read this story and see what you think!
Fifteen young college kids go in a restaurant and sit down as a group! And me
and my wife is sitting behind them! Yes to all that read $50 dollar plastic
spoon! This is another disaster! Well the waitress came and said would you like
to order? They said yes! And they got menu and some got rack of ribs some got
the two for $20 dollars some got shrimp&crab heck some got the 24oz T-bone
and they ate and drank they had her to refill their glasses more that three
times. Then they went to the bar that is in this place and they had mix drinks
gin and absolute bud light and ice-cream drank with spirits in it! So as the
night was whining down the big azz check hit! Now at this point all fun stopped!
A puzzle look be fell on the faces of the fifteen! They ask each other did they
have any money and the first one that said no! Was the one who told all lets go
out to eat! So one said to a young lady call your mother she will pay for this.
But she said no my mother is mad at me she told me not to hang with the crew and
I said you don’t pick my friends! Stop and take this bit of advice when you are
in college it is to learn! As time go on you do get smarter! We who is in this
world know nothing in this world is free! Not even the air you breathe! So let’s
finish this story! Some tried to leave but the bar tender stopped them and call
his manger! Now when the news got all thru the place the cooks was piss the
waitress was more piss why she did all that serving and got nothing! But the
manger was boiling she knew that all that was coming out her store profit! So
the next phone call turn the fifteen night from bad to worst! Guess who was
call! Heck the Cops! And these azz clowns made it worst after they got finish
asking the fifteen why they did it then he looked at the manger did they had
desert? Now if that was me the fifteen and the four cop and me would have been
in a knock down drag out azz kicking match and some one would have pull some
cash out or write a check that their azz had to cash! But she look and did what
the cops ask she said do any one want desert? And no one said yes. Can you
believe this man if I know that this is my last minute of freedom all the cake I
can eat will be giving so I can be free for a few minutes longer! But no one
said yes. So the cops said this is the last meal you fifteen will eat until
morning! Stupidity is free but it is more dumber when you pay for it look at
picture below as see the cat azz? How he think this is so cool to have a cat azz
on a beer belly! How smart is that Ladies a cool man or a dumb azz boy you pick!
peace pastorsvoice!


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