This blog is call my time to flow! To all those fake azz people on Google plus! And you know who you are! No one can see just how fake they can be! When all the time they ask for things that their there little ass minds can’t understand why fake is X in the Y is the part that make you! See all they want you to do is listen to theirs bull but never have time to just hear your voice when time get hard they get lost! Why do you call yourself my boy when there is no real faithfulness in your momma! Yes I said yo momma! Because the limb don’t fall far from the tree! Listen to all the one’s that read this blog on bloggers, Facebook, LinkedIn, word press, twitter you do have class! But some of the ones on Google plus if I take a micro chip and stick it in a hat they will say so cool hi-tech I want one! Why they need a phone to talk to them why no one else want to because they have book smarts up the rizzle! But this thing call common sense! Boy The judge is out for this one! Hell no court is not in session! These pricks is so dingy that if you stick them in a tool box you want miss them in the nuts&bolts! Why in the hell you call this a SOCIAL NETWORK if half don’t know how the hell to be SOCIAL! All day they talk about news like you don’t have a T.V! Or they talk about how they miss STEVE JOBS THE APPLE MAN! Heck this dick is dead! But they wish he come out with a new apple phone! How stupid is that! Let me put this in large letters HE IS NOT GETTING HIS PRESENT FROM UNDER YOUR TREE! YOU DUM ASS! Sorry to be so blunt but these people is making me try Bing! And hell they is just as stuck up as some of those so call friends on Google plus! I might have my page flag or spammed! But to have a right to let people know that good and common politeness goes a long way than just being a prick! in my close just listen! It don’t hurt to be kind and understanding to others and you just might help a life that is in trouble! P.S Steve jobs is gone and no matter how much you write You won’t get a new apple phone that he made if you want one hey stick a chip in a apple and talk to it just like you do your old phone! And it will bring you peace! YOU LOST PIECE OF SHIT! peace pastorsvoice<

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