Today my heart is at peace! This day many things I have wrote made us laugh made us wonder and made us under stand. But today this blog will do neither. Just sit back and let me flow for just a few! GRATFULNESS is not some thing that you buy or some thing that is a lie. But as time go by you have to earn it! Most don’t understand the meaning or the when what where or the why. But in my 50 years I have learn how to just be grateful for life! No you don’t have to be half dead to just be thankful! To ones that don’t have a god Your lost! And if you do your gain! But as for me today is a eye-opening turn of events. How can you mend if you don’t hurt? How can you smile if your heart was never broken? How can you enjoy life when you never lived? They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! But if you don’t know beauty how can you behold it? My point is life sometimes make you think you have all the time in the world. But how is that when tomorrow is not promise to anyone? To have the meaning of life. Means you have one! But no one seems to measure up to all that falls out their pie hole or fit the same stander that they try to make you meet! Why or how can these things be? We who live in this big ball of dirt that we calls the earth must realize that no one and I mean no one can promise that it will be easy! But to live in this place you must learn how to go with the flow. Why if you swim you can go with the flow or against it but in all aspects you are still swimming! So why make me climb a mountain when I don’t have to! Why make me sing when I don’t like singing? All I am saying is Be grateful for just being who you are and what you can be! peace pastorsvoice!Be grateful for all the little things!

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