Friday, March 1, 2013




The flu is a bad mother shut your mouth! “Flu means” [F] stands for freaking! [L] stands for legion! And [U]stands for under-attack! Man I drag my self to even type this blog! These little un-seen can tell where they are in you on you above you heck they is all around you! In my chest! In my head! In my lungs! All over me my body feels sweaty I’m hot then I’m not! That dog gone doctor shot me in my arm with this mess and say, “You are not protected against the flu! You lying piece of shit! Why put me threw all that just for me to still catch it!All these pictures is my weapon on this bad azz legion! I have put my poor body in a war and I don’t know who is winning if I don’t take drugs I feel like crap! And if I do I feel like a higher crap! So which is it high crap? Or low crap? My mind is spinning! But there’s still more look at this!But it’s get better as the day wear on and night is coming! Here’s another one for you!Now by night fall I am a zombie high as a bald buzzer but sick as a dead dog! Oh I’m sorry a dead dog is not sick he is dead! Ok sick as swollen nuts! But to my aid comes this little relief this makes my night breathe so so much better!Just look at those little red beauties!these bad boys will make snot run out your nose mouth! Cold will jump out your eyes and your throat will be on fire! try my FLU remedy!peace pastorsvoice!


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