lost nuts!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

lost nuts!


In this large world that we live in some times you feel like a lost nut in the mist of a lot of squirrels!You travel from one love to another one girl to the next looking for love that can never be found. Why? Listen if you want some one to be what you want then get a clone! or a blow up doll! See what you get is what you put in! You don’t have to worry about staying out to late why because when you get home blow her up and in your mind she ask what took you so long just tell her I had to catch my breath! And see if you had a clone now that’s the bomb! You can program your clone to say nothing you don’t want to hear like “you forgot the trash” or “you left the toilet seat up” Now this is a good one never never would you have to hear “I got a headache! “Or not to night!” See don’t put that in them or don’t let it hang out with your sister! I love my sister but she give very damaging advice to your happiness! I know ladies I sound like a pig! But who said that you can have one too! Heck let be all pigs every one that know a store that only the freaks hang out at. You know the one you don’t shake hands with because you know that their hands just got off their winky man! Or just came out of the corn field!?What is the corn field? Let me quickly tell you it is right after you leave your nuts or your kitty cat that space in between fruit salad! That most people dig in right before you like you don’t see them scratching their ball or digging in their crack! But with a clone or a blowup doll you never have to be a shame! So Buy one and stop looking for love in someone who don’t have a clue! Or fall in love with this picture down below! My friend want leave you hanging! peace pastorsvoice!!!!!


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