no more bundling

Friday, February 22, 2013

no more bundling!


This right here is a bad sign! Man this can only mean two things either you have loose your cable or the cable company has loosed it! Either way you are screwed! No TV! Oh my god! No Friday night smack down no movies no news no porn no nothing! Just fuzz and a sign that reads no signal! How mad can you get to know all night you have to watch those videos that been stack in the front or on the side of your TV for ever! Why you had cable! Then you seen them so much that the dog won’t watch them no more the kids push them over the floor like cars and each time you get to the good part its all ways I mean always messed up then you get some cleaner like that is suppose to make it play! Man it’s hard to pay bills and party! Which is the best watch TV or drank more you judge? Most might not agree with me but you don’t miss the TV until you can’t watch it. Check this out before it got cut off you all ways said why am I paying for all these channels and I don’t watch them now that it’s off you say man I wish I had paid the cable bill. So lets face it no TV no internet no phone! No more bundling! So if you cut my cable I can still talk on the phone! Free wifi sounds good right now but I’m not at the café! Ok don’t panic! Plan two go get shit face drunk and I won’t have to watch TV and in morning go to mother’s house and say mom I miss you I will spend the rest of the weekend with you and bum rush the TV! She won’t mind why she all ready know that something has been cut off in your apartment! That’s why you took the remote from your little brother and is so caught up to watch the wiggles and can’t wait until she leave why all that night you had nothing to eat and she heard your stomach when she kissed you on your head! So take my advice pay your cable bill because that TV is more important than you think! And no matter how much you listen to the radio you can’t watch it that’s why they invented TV. peace pastorvoice!
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