Well well I’m not a food professional or one who judge what good services is but I’m not a fool either or maybe I am! Why I went to an well known restaurant call “GOLDEN CORRAL”! And first I knew it was tax time and most of the one’s there only eat out once a year at tax time but me and family was ready for a meal my wife did not want to cook and I wanted to eat so we went out. So the place was not ready for all the people that had invaded it. So we got seated and they put me right in front out a group of black people hey I’m black so how bad can it be? WORNG WORNG WORNG! Bad move listen if you have to fuss about $10.00 a plate STAY YOUR BROKE AZZ HOME!No these people talk junk about how much they had to pay some creped out and didn’t pay and when the ones who knew that the broke azz black people left now they start to lie about who was with them and to top it all off they got mad when they had to pay or get a free ride to most of the ones second home! Where that is “CELL BLOCK 57” They made me want to turn white so no one could say anything to me about how black people act! Well the circus left and now here comes the clowns I went to get me something to eat with and ask this lady for a spoon! And this lady looked at me like I worked for her and reach in a box and gave me a plastic spoon and said here you go! Now at this time my pissed off meter had broken! I look at the spoon and looked at her like WTF! And she just walked off like use it or don’t eat! Now I’m in this big place everybody else got a grown person spoon but NO not me I got a plastic spoon! So at this time my family is busting out laughing at me saying they don’t want you to steal their spoons! And do you know how to eat with a real spoon? Now they had so many people who never seen a fudge fountain that the kids had all their hands in it! On it just licking It and on the fall of fudge that pore out of it. It was so bad that they cut the fountain off so no one else can get any! Hell after all those hands was in it who wanted any freaking fudge any way. So my wife said can’t get any fudge cover strawberries so she went and got a brownie with nuts on it! HELL When she got that a old white lady said I wanted that brownie and took it off her plate! WTF IS GOING ON IN THIS PLACE! Man that was the last draw heck I will fight the old lady why I think I might can beat her but all those country black taxes people! They would have whip me and my wife azz! And then made my children slaves! So to show just how bad I was! I took my black butt and got my tip and left a tip for them.My tip for them was wash that plastic spoon and sell it to get your TIP!peace pastorsvoice####

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