Rejection is a dog!

Friday, February 15, 2013

rejection is a dog!


REJECTION what a rush! Man you build your self up and get shot down like a duck in flight! Man you just know that you got this and Boom the biggest blow out you have had in your life! Most men don’t mind but that bull! REJECTION is a hammer that just hit you in the nuts! Oh to you who don’t have nuts it feel like when you get a cramp and it’s your time of the month! Rejection don’t stop the feeling makes some cry it make some jump and kill them self but some can fake the funk to the last tee! And the ones that say it don’t matter YOU ARE LYING THREW YOUR TEETH! For those who have teeth. Think about that job, house, car, girl, boy, loan, bank note. Just remember who took a dump in your toilet and just left a floater in it. And admitted you really rejected that you had to flush it and then it stopped up the toilet and they blamed that missile on you! How rejected you felt they still gave you the plunger and said you will not never use my toilet again take a dump some where else you big doo-doo in the toilet one who always blame some one else when that your doo-doo in the toilet! See you want to tell them to kiss my big black azz! But Two things stop you from saying that! “One” You are not black! “Two” They is much much bigger then you and can kick your azz! so you plunge and flush how cheap and used feel! Freedom I cry freedom especially when you are locked up by the po-po, cops ,fuzz, the man! And he reject to let you out! When you and him know you want to go home. But he reject you and take you to jail! And no matter you tell him to stop playing let me out at this light and I will walk the rest of the way! And he still give you a ride! And don’t ask any thing for gas! WOW! How nice of him and you said rejection is not a dog! Watch this you said lord kill me I want to die! NOW LOOK AT PICTURE !WOW EVEN GOD REJECTED YOU FROM COMING TO HEAVEN! All that heat hit you and all you can say I’m alright! what a load up bull! So when you read this and don’t agree with it you have just have showed why it is a dog! Quick one when you gave them all your love life and limb them they say they don’t want to be with you no more! The first thing you will say; “dog”! She or he don’t want me! See I told you it was a rush! peace pastorsvoice#####

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