Firday night delight!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

firday night delight


It’s the weekend baby! Friday night! Time to get hair right wash all that day dirt off brush the teeth get out all my new clothes out that I spent too much money for but the light bill will wait and if not well who cares they are on for not and it’s Friday night! Right? Well now I’m looking so smooth just look at me! That’s my picture and this is my party outfit! Some one will get lucky tonight. Well lets move into the night man the club is pack music is hot man a lot of fine women out here! At the bar let get a buzz and one two three drinks well I’m just about to get my swag on! Can’t mess up the new threads why because I might have to take them back to pay my light bill! One two three more drinks and now I’m on a budget why need a girl and after the club she might need some food and I hope waffles and wings is open so I can get their $15.00 special got that down pat two can eat for that yeah boy big spender! Now I got a question why the more you drank the better the people look? Now it’s late club is in it’s last hour man all the good girls is already gone and all that is left is the one’s that earlier I would not talk to but one two three more drinks and they don’t look so bad! So time to make my move her head is big and she got a bad weave in but she look do-able Well we leave and she is not hungry. Good job! Why I need the $15.00 dollars to pay my light bill now pick her was not so bad after all she save me $15.00 dollars get to her room and now it’s a win win night why I don’t have to pay for a cab to get her home man this is look up more and more. Now she say get comfortable and let me change Bingo! It’s booty time so I turn down the lights and she comes out the bathroom and a bad smell is in the room but I look over that why she is just in panties! But it’s kind of dark because I turn down the lights I’m feeling real good and the drinks is kicking in but something is wrong she change! But I’m too close now we get on the bed and start to proceed to get busy! Man not now I got to go to the bathroom “ahw”!Run to bathroom and oh boy here’s that smell again and on the toilet is that bad weave! I said to my self no! NO this is not happing I must have taken to long why I here a voice calling me saying Hey HEY what are you doing in here? Man the drinks is wearing off what in the heck is that smell then a big hair hand is on my shoulder and man I’m hating this now when I re-open my eyes I see lights and a big bouncer and he is piss why I fell a sleep in the club bathroom and they had done piss and put doo-doo on my faces! The new outfit smell like piss and vomit and It was all a bad dream because I past out in the club bathroom! All my money was gone and my light bill is do and to top it all off I did not even seen any girl these all was men in the mens room! peace pastorsvoice! ha ha you fool!
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