Well well man do we have so many choices! Every day bring on new choices! Just like man I don’t want to get up! See that’s in it’s self is a choice.Why either you get up or get fired! Or you get up or get left! Man so many choices. All my life I always had a choice to make how about you? No need me to ask that because then that gives you another choice to answer or not or to be or not to be that’s is the question. Hell no that is not a question! That’s dum! Why I want to be living how about you?Man I tried to drown my self in the bathroom sink but I stop because I couldn’t catch any air! My body said your mind might drown but we is not down with that! you on your own with that! So I had no choice but to bereave! I hope I spelled it right my spell checker gave me that word!I’m so smart! Why Do you when you got to go to the bathroom in a public place we go straight to the handicap stall! Because it’s my choice the stall is all ways clean and neat. All ways toilet paper in there! And most of all why I and most of you who just won’t admit that this is what you do.OK that’s your choice!Now peep this! Have you drove up in a parking lot and it had no parking spaces all was there was handicap parking and you see a brand new car drive up and park! You are looking for some one to get out with a limp! But low and behold no one I mean no one has a limp or slow or some thing wrong with them that qualified them to park there!That’s why I take a dump in theirs stall all the time.And don’t let me see one of those fake handicappers sitting in one of those little shopping carts/hover-round.I really act up then I will get beside the with my cart and act like I’m going to run into them just to watch them jump off and say watch it!Fool I just did watch it! Just how bad you don’t need that killing up those people batteries making their light bill go up making me pay more for my captin crunch!But you need to be kick out and stop getting your kix’s yeah I bet your lucky charms if I hit you in your fruit loops you will say honeycomb on!So you think you are a golden gram!When my shopping cart run in to you you will be a bunch of nuts and don’t call me honey!Because All you posts is nothing but all fiber that makes me use your stall in the bathroom you you frosted flake you!That’s right you tricks is up THE FAKE HANDICAP COP IS HERE!!!!Ge your lazy sugar bear looking self up and act just like tony the tiger and say it’s great!!To have so many pebbles under my feet! Stop you are not my pops! And we had enough of your kaboom’s and always remember any new flakes you bring out don’t even last why?Because every one hate a soggy mini wheat and you are so hard to be! Now that’s my choice opps I drop my phone!The way it look now me and my punkin got to get smash! peace pastorsvoice####### 


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