life pressure

Friday, February 8, 2013

life’s pressure


Life will way you down with it’s pressure David Bowie had a hit song about this but that was just a song my pressure is real it can put you in a so dark place that light can’t reach you at all your cry’s go UN-answered your fears become real and all the things that can go wrong will happen!They say if you look for it.It will happen you bet your sweet azz it will! Take this blog and just read!Time can be a real dog!Why? If you put time and pressure on a piece of coal some it change Right? You get a piece of diamond!But pressure can change a good man into a dog!Or a good woman into a heifer! Pressure can move stuff that you had said is UN movable! Check this out tell you friends just how much your man do for you and watch them some one that the pressure had bust up will try and see just how good he is.They will start playing with him more and calling him trust me if the girl look fine and got a big booty and the twins is like pow! In his face you bet your great grandmother sweet azz on this one before long he is in those drawers!Or vice-a-verse this big and buff dude with a big print in front of his pants start telling her the thing that he hear from you that she like and you are not living up to all that you say!Boy she did not squirt for you but when you walk in and bust them she will be just like a water park wetting every thing up but with you she was just like the Sahara dry and dusty! Now your head long and your buddy gone and this is not your home!TO:The ladies it takes a strong man to say no to a naked good looking lady no matter how good your snatch is why there is only two kind:A big o’l good one or a good o’l big one understand? Just like MR. Martin say’s if you love you man and he still cheat!Find a man that fit in where he get in what do that mean if you can’t be with the one you love then love the one you are with! And if you are alone then love yourself!And to the one’s that love the same sex if it trill you don’t let it kill you! Just do you boo!Why pressure is a dog when it is you that is under pressure!peace pastorsvoice######


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