Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Birthdays wow!
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Well at 9:00 this morning woke up and it was my b-day yeah? Most people get so happy on their birthday well if you like it or don’t.It don’t matter! This blog is for you!Hope you can deal with it.Let’s spit some words!Today I’m not old or young i’m half way in life but the back half but still kicking 50%of life and need 50% more! So much to do! But did so much. Loved and lost but my mind is fixed on this when my gut was not so big but my oil checker was long and strong don’t get me wrong I can still check the oil but it don’t go as long and as deep as it had been that what 50 years of oil checking get you gut get big nuts get long but the stick is worn by a pink oil container! See the more you check oil the better you think you feel but after time your dip stick get worn sure you brag about how big and long or how fat or small it is. But when the pink oil pan need to be check if you get a new pan it want you to check it deep long and strong! But when it been used so much it some how don’t check it right so to all you old azz oil checkers stay with the first oil pan why just as you got short it got short too! Why your dip stick is the only dip stick that is doing the dipping!But as my day roll on I look in my heart and ask have I found what I’m looking for? Stole that from U2 I’m listen to and they still rock! So can I check some oil on my birthday you bet ya!Tonight I will get the room just right for oil checking smelling like a room of love and I will get in the oil checking mood and look at my oil pan and ask how low is your oil and when they say check it then all sparks will fly why it is oil checking time!What is I’m talking about HEY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY AND WHAT BETTER GIFT ON YOUR BIRTHDAY IS BIRTHDAY BOOTY! Heck yeah birthday booty! and at 50 this squirrel has crack a lot of nuts and the oil ran out of the pan and wet the place up! and if this gross you out how the heck you got here!peace pastorsvoice oil checking time!B
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Boom you pretty thing you!


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