why call me a lie

Monday, February 4, 2013

why call me a lie?


Why call me a lie when you don’t believe the truth? If I lie then you will think I’m telling the truth!Most people will accept a lie before the truth why? See if I tell you I been with five girls and we had mad sex you will say dream on but if I say mark and me been out to his house then you would say,”OK tell mark I said hey.” When the first was the truth but the second was a part of the truth so really it was a lie. See this get me a lie is the truth with something added or some thing left out!Man why are you eat that up! Most will say tell me the truth but they will believe a lie first!Watch this most will ask have you been cheating on me and if you say yes they would say don’t tell me that and ask the dumbest question why? WHY “what in the front door you mean why?”If you ask the question then be big enough to accept it! Don’t come back with why then you give them chance to lie!And this bust it up all the way they will say “Ah babe it was a mistake!” How can you make a mistake and lie? See most will say I can’t believe that they will do this to me!YOU BIG DUMMY!How do you think you ended up with them?HUH?They lied to the one before you just to get to you!My big mistake is I am to honest If you ask. Thats what you get ain’t that what you asked for?”SEE THE south COMING OUT OF ME> “AIN’T” SO SOUTHERN!When I’m from Jersey. OK back to blog some times the truth is so blunt that it is hard to accept. EXAMPLE You know that your hair is nappy but because you don’t want to comb it.Then you say it is natural! Liar!!! IT IS NAPPY COMB YOUR HEAD!HERE IS ANOTHER ONE WHEN DID YOUR MOTHER OR FARTHER HAD BLUE OR GREEN OR PINK HAIR I KNOW YOU GOT INDIAN IN YOUR FAMILY! RIGHT!Last but not lease when you look in the mirror why you lie to your self that you are so fine? when one eye is bigger than the other and your teeth has a bright sunshine on them and the big azz bump that you thought that all that makeup did not hide. Then you said “man I look good like that.” I have one word for that {READ WRITING ON PICTURE PLEASE} PEACE PASTORSVOICE!!!!!!

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