oh no not your’s!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh no not your’s!



On a good day my mind would not be so real on this why it really didn’t I mess with it. You mine your business and I do the same but today you are unbelievable why who gave you the right to rule me or to be my thinker for me? What do I mean? Listen!Telling me what to do won’t get it done!And to fuss about it really blows me!What it makes you feel big to be in control?So control this bite me or lick me and then tell me how it taste!To boss some one around don’t make them love you it makes them leave you! If they have a brain!But watch this this is the dumbest thing that fell out your mouth he hit me because he love me.What a load of bull!When your mother said this tail cutting hurt her more than it hurt you.LIE who got their tail cut or rump beat?How hurting me hurt you more bull!Well if that’s the case then the more you do right should make me feel good but it don’t.Why not a dog is a dog no matter what you put him in you may call him your baby or your child or part of the family but when it boils down to it it is something you have told yourself that is mine when it is not. OK let’s put this to the test! If your dog have to dodo dodo you can’t tell him or her how or how much of dodo dodo can come out it’s butt! But your butt you can right!It’s you to you if you want a lot to come at this time or cut it short!So the thing you try to own it’s not yours.You just use it for the time you are here and when your time is up. You can pull the gift from under the tree why they are not coming to get it!All in a nut shell trying to rule brings out the bitch in a man or a woman and some times you get just what you ask for! And to know one is to come from one to all that like to call their mates one listen your mother is a woman right? Why can’t your mate be one like me or not that’s not the point the point is love me or leave me not lead me why you can’t re-raise a full grown tree all you can do is cut it down if you don’t like it or just sit in the shade and enjoy the shade! Real spit!pastorsvoice peace!

“keep pushing and I will give you just what you want!” 


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