pitching woo

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

pitching woo!


Well if you are looking at the picture then you might have and ideal of what Pitching Woo is! NO? Well here’s and very rough draft of “pitching woo” is!Back in the 1970 most men did a lot of pitching how they wore their pants so tight that the pitcher and his two balls was in your face man every where you looked they was steady pitching! The tighter the pants was the better. Some got so bold that they put socks on their pitcher to make him seem big but as soon as you took the pitcher out and put him in the game you noticed that his record was not as big as it seem and that what pitching is! Now what in the heck is woo? Remember the movie 10 when “BO Derrick” was running on the beach? And all the men just focus on that big camel toe that was sticking out in front of her swimsuit? Or when you look on TV today the lady says she don’t feel so fresh? Well the place she is not feeling so fresh in is “WOO”!Now you know what woo is. Now lets put these two together and get to the bottom of this or on top what ever you prefer.Think back to the best place you pitch woo at? Home? Boring any one can pitch woo at home heck your children pitch woo at home in your bedroom! In a car? Now we are getting warm back seat or front seat on the hood or on the trunk?In a bar on the dance floor in the bathroom?On a plane a bus a train in the woods in the rain in the pool!Hot tub mud pit just tell where did you get it? Their are many good things I can say about pitching woo but tell me can you?One more thing before I go. Pitching to much woo can make you very blue?How can good woo make you blue.Listen to much woo and this is what you will score!9 months latter you will not want to much more.Jackpot you win! To be a daddy my friend!And to all the ladies this is true! A pole never never wears out a hole a pole will rot away but a hole is here to stay! So pat yourself on the back you got the badness weapon that ever been on the attack especially when your woo bring them right back!peace pastorsvoice go and pitch so woo today!ok?


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