close up!

close up!


YOU la la so clean and so close better then most man I got to boast how in the morning you help me right after my french toast. From coast to coast when people look at you they will be crazy to call you gross.Why when you start from front to back ooh you make me step back just like if you was on attack! But I don’t worry about that because I know you are stacked from head to toe who can ask for more! When I think that you are threw right back at it the you make a part of me grew! Never to big or to small the groove you have tops them all.Sometimes you red with passion green with motion or good cushion for pushing squeeze it all out then get more never let you run out because when you are gone you make me beg for more!So white at night in the light you sparkle so bright! Man I’m so glad you are in my life. Twist up to top man it get so hot in my mouth boy after you are done man you make me come up to a place that in the morning we can come face to face “Boom!” what a rush how you make me just hush! Round in my mouth with you I don’t mind !You blow me all the time close up is what I like Now it’s time to brush my teeth tonight! OH all this about toothpaste!Ok talk to some one who did not brush their teeth and see how good it will be to have some close up toothpaste will be!PEACE PASTORSVOICE OH P.S BAD BREATH IS A SIN!ImageImage


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