hate me why?



Friday, January 25, 2013

hate me why?



Why WHY or why do you hate me? Never did I know you or did anything to you but you hate me why? You make me feel like I should have never been born.Or never been a part of society.No it’s not a black thing or a white thing it is a life thing.When all my life all I get is you act white don’t you love your people? Well let me be very clear on this when I look in the African phone book and the last name Martin don’t come up.So how is that my people My last name is Martin and I am a american not a black or half black because my mother or father was of another race.But what I am is a piss off person who is so tried of never being accepted for who or what I am!Most people don’t have that problem and can’t relate to this blog.So I will make it as simple as I can!KISS MY NEW JERSEY born BLACK AZZ TO IT’S CORE WHY THEN YOU WILL SEE JUST HOW SHIT FEELS OR STICK YOUR NOSE IN THE CRACK OF MY TRENTON AZZ SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO FAR TO SEE HOW SHIT IS! Sorry if I offend any one who reads this but i’m so tried of not fitting in with blacks or whites or any other race of people that say’s I don’t belong here!Go back to your country!Ok you are in my country so you must be lost because I’m home and know it.But you on the other hand came from two buzzers that bump azz’s and you just felt out!!!! ha ha you dick! peace pastorsvoice 


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