launch into the deep

Thursday, January 24, 2013
launch out in the deep

MY mind starts to run and run some times it race so fast that my thoughts get lost in all the data that my brain try to process here on true spit listen;Days in time when time seems to stop not the sun or the moon but my world especially when you enter my world smooth as silk but rough as a bomb that was drop in my japan in my mind so much was lost but I found a ray of light in the silents drops of mist that seems to control how and why i’m alive this blogging thing brings me peace when my hell is raging some may say why you write that mess no one reads it so what? It;s off me and free me to be me” see me”or “feel me”? OR try me to buy me oh why me that makes you greedy because i’m so tasty just like a pastry of hopes and dream now do you see what I mean? So for this cause into the deep I will be at the edge of time in my mind that you may say it is a waste of time!How deep is your love the Bee gee’s said in a song but those words linger on and on question How deep is your love? Can you save your self if it was a crime would you have enough to my you guilty and lock you up in love that you don’t want to be free? Now you see why I said launch in the deep! peace pastorsvoice! Space_Sunset_on_the_cold_planet_014055_


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