broken promise!

Lost and Confused SignpostSee i’m a man of many things but to have broken promises and pay my money for them now that piss me off! Now take a few minutes and read this and tell me don’t you agree with me here it go. When you go to buy a phone no matter what company it is and I have been with most.But what gets me when they make all these promises that they know that they can’t possibly keep! Look at my last company T-mobile they boost their ads and say 4g but they don’t tell you that’s only in the place where the store is then they say how good their plan is so I get a hot spot too! Why when I was at Att man theirs hot spot is banging you can use five wireless devices at one time but their bills is out the roof! But put this in your mind a beautiful lady on a ninja bike lighting fast right?Hell no this thing need some lighting just to move it! See I stay in Hartsville s.c roach&rat capital and the store is in Florence s.c about 28 Miles away. No one said hey in hartsville you don’t even have 1g or your hot spot don’t work man they sold me new phone,new hot spot ,then I got new laptop to use all this new stuff! T-Mobile this is for you and you only! YOU SUCK TO HIGH HEAVEN! The phone did not get calls it drop calls the hot spot was not hot at all more like a not spot and it lighting fast speed a Nat on a mini bike with no tires on it move faster then this service. Aimagesnd to all that say T-mobile is great leave the city that you got your phone from and Jason will kill you why your phone has no services! So if you feel like I do say hell ya! T-mobile sucks!


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