what bull!

what bull!

All the day long you deal with bull crap or bull shit if you feel it is best said like this. My take on the matter is most people is full of it they play games all the time and think that you is so dum or stupid you can’t see threw their bull. Listen if you are fake why are you acting like you are real? But all the time when you flush your toilet a piece of doo-doo still floats and it seem no matter how much you flush it.It won’t go down this is fake but people no matter how much you bust them they still try to act like they is so real!Look at all the ones around you and the most fake is the ones that eat and roll with you and always say I’m with you or I got your back these are the main ones that always do the most back stabbing or the most lying on you and about you and then act like nothing wrong!Well this is for all the one that you trust and give them your all and they take you for a all day sucker! Friends do you need them first tell me what a friend is then I’ll tell you if you need one why these is the same ones that screw you and don’t for get your family who think that no matter what you will still put up with their bull! Well if you don’t listen to any thing listen to this! Take the toilet tissue and wipe them off your butt why because number two stank or if you don’t know what number two is “SHIT” stank and this is what they are so clean up and flush them down the drain!!! peace pastorsvoiceimages (94)


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