my personal hell

my personal hell!


Pain is life only way of tearing you down or breaking you up or ripping your heart out. people have just blown their head off or jump out windows or cut their wrist and all the doctors can say they are suicidal? But when is they going to realize that pain makes you crazy. Most of the time no one and I mean no one understands how broken and in pieces inside you really is. To them it is a sickness kiss my balls! Do I sound sick? And if I do well I’m perfectly well! But inside lost like hell torn to bits and all they want to do is sale a pill! You can keep your drugs because you are a legal drug dealer but you knock the one on the street that sells the same drugs but have no papers on a wall! But that don’t ease my pain it just take me down in a personal hell that no one can break threw or reach my soul to help me piece back who I am and what I am about. So dark and deep to the point that if you wish to help first you have to open up the steal doors that hold the hot sparks to light the steps on how the hell we got here the first place! But to most they think that easy in easy out. Yeah that’s a good joke that never need to be told!!So all that wish that the life would spice up watch out because all way first pleasure then pain one forum or another. Sweet is life when all your chips are up but when the chip are down how big are you now? Here’s a riddle before I go listen closely and you will know. Cut me deep and see me bleed destroy a man goals and watch just how low he will go. Most will give all just to be on top if you can make my personal hell stop! peace pastorsvoice!!!

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