black and I’m back

Tuesday, January 8, 2013black and i’m back


Good day to all hey we are back from hell and man it burned me black. What in skin no in heart in mind in soul you see my life took a great drop people left no one even cared but time is just like a fine wine the longer it takes the better it taste. What
To spill my soul and get screwed with out no feeling no thought no person should have
to fight family, friends, haters, and the world if you screw me let me be awake when
it is going on don’t dry screw me and think well the strong will rise to top to all the strong what goes around all ways come back and bite you in your ass! But me being weak I fell hard and lost all but some times you must go down to get up man this blog is for all who think they got it rolling. Listen life is like a fine wine the longer you go threw the better you taste see to all that laugh and said he is gone or ha ha he out of the game but I’m back and better new life new town new out look see peep this to all you big hot flames water will put you out no let’s see here is some water lose you house and job and car and friends and close family and see just how hot you are but when you are up no one cares but when you fall you better hope someone cares but when you are in hell no one cares now here is your water now drink!
peace Pastorvoice


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