busted old people

busted old people!

busted oh snap!

Have you ? Oh I’m talking to all who have a mommy and a daddy so I guess that is you. Unless two buzzers in flight bump together and you fell out one of them! Or someone blew there nose and you was born! If this is the case then I’m not talking to you! This is for the ones who walked in on your parents or aunt&uncle,big sister&boy friend, grand mother&grand daddy,who ever you seen getting there sex in or bumping the uglys most just stop and look and don’t move! It’s not like we don’t see you then you asks “what are you looking at?”Well first I want to know why grand daddy is on his knee’s at the foot of the bed biteing grandmother?Or why is grandmother on her back and got her legs around grand daddy and why is they making that funny noise?And this is the most ask question that we say “what are you doing?”And it look like grand daddy has to pee pee! And when you find out whats going on now you are gross out! Why you never thought that you would see so much gravity at work when you are used to seeing a perky twins but grand mother twins is big and drippy long and winkle and their body’s is something you never seen before! To all that feel that I needed not to see that will make you understand knock before you open! And when you here strange noises coming from granny room you know now don’t go in why because you can’t handle the truth! peace pastorsvoice!


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