can’t stop me

Can stop me!

Now you may think that this is a bold statement but all that I have been though has made me bolder in my action but sharp on the tip and keen to be on the blast to stop all this trash in people who feel like they can just treat you as less then a person or try to play you like a board game that they don’t like so let me be shoots and ladders because this world is the devils candy land so many get lost in the scramble of go fish or yachtzee when the monopoly of trouble is to try to be the doctor of operation of life and still saying that my walmart has too many lowes in it’s office depot when big lots will have alot of targets to make k-mart see that cato’s is in love with joseph h banks but goody’s said if I can see ace hardware then my best buy will end up at sears and jcpenny will be my barnes and noble so stop me if you can! TIGHT SPIT! YOU FEEL ME? PEACE PASTORSVOICE

heat this mother up!


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