new city

New City

where are my dogs! oh new town

Oh My God or OMG either way you feel it means the same thing. Basicly something stupid happened. Peep this: New town you is like a first year player on the bench is your job just like in a new town your job is to learn how the heck this town operate. See never do this: say to yourself I can make this light and go to try to beat the light then have to slam on brakes not run the light and low and behold in this new city the first person that welcomes you is this new city patrol car. Now you’re looking so stupid because you think you know how long it takes for a light that you never ever saw before or came through or stopped at this intersection before and the people is so friendly they make you feel like “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU IN THIS TOWN FOR??” Like you know how their stores operate. In this new city you are so lost that when you realize where you are and where you wanna be its too late because everyone is saying “STUPID GET OUT THE WAY” and when you hear this it makes you feel so warm and loving on the inside that on the outside you look stupid. Sometimes in the new city you have to eat the CHICKEN!! No excuse me EAT THE DARN CHICKEN!! So do you have any chicken feed to pay the city people their dues?? Last but not least to make it in this city its best to be a CHICKEN HAWK so you can eat chicken. Peace Pastorsvoice

new town rules


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