put out!

Good Day Mates! How it’s hanging? Low why so low? Just got put out! What happen my sister was wrong but she has to prove that this is my house. Man me my wife and my two daughters is homeless again first we got rob and they stole all that we had then the landlord wouldn’t take my $400.00 dollars because he had a plan to make $400.00 a week and my money was a month do you blame him it’s about’s the money not family so this is my second time getting put out when you did nothing wrong! Now this! Well this is my spit on this right here! Big money man boy you got a plan how all other man is below you do you understand? You hurt and hurt like it just a span or no matter you never needed any man but this is a game to you but one day in time as you sit down and playback in your mind this is why now it’s my time to watch how you feel to be put out and no one cares! But one day you would care when it’s you lying there! Now you will say poor man boy how can that be? This is a true spit why this has to be because this stuff happen to me see my life is a mystery so go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace pastorsvoice!

my space just ranting!


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