get busted

get busted!

show me your mean face!

Did any one that is reading this had this happen to you? To the fellows man you just got her to take her clothes off and you are just about to get lucky and here they come standing in the door like they don’t see your naked bear butt plain in view! Or close my dog gone door and let me get laid! Or when you are telling something that you know if you don’t get right you are screwed! And you get to the end! And you just know I got away but then the little person that has such a big mouth come in and blow the whole thing!Or you just clean out all the calls you did not want no one to see and right at the last push of that button and some one come in and distract you! And before you walk out your mate ask to use your phone! ONE more and this is a good one you told some one who you didn’t want to know that you went to the club that they ask you to go with them but you talked them out of it and the one that you went with break out and start telling how bagging the club was and here’s the number of that person you was hounding at the bar! Bust that fool in the mouth why you don’t need help to get busted you can tell on your self! How watch read this! I”M the one who said I will never bust my self! then why are you right now trying to get your lie straight to tell oh you was not about to do that right? If you read it and say this will never happen it just did! As you read it it happen in you mind because it brought back a event that has all ready got you busted and now you know it! Man! peace pastorsvoice!

show me your mean face!


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