stupid phases!

and what?have some?

Boy sometimes we say some stupid thing like {You bet your sweet ass I will} Now first off no ass is sweet or smell sweet It might look sweet but no matter how much you wash your butt it stank why waste come out gas flow with out no restriction! Remember a butt is a butt no matter what you put on it! The butt need scratching why little pieces waste get stuck to the walls of the butt! Not only that but at any giving time a smell blows from it like a gas main leak! And it will fill the room with eye stinging vapors and nose covering reaction! No my friend no butt no fart no number two is sweet! Next stupid saying came about last year I think {You blow me} How in the heck I blow you? Now a word of warning! Don’t be mad if you read this and you don’t like the truth! BLOW ME in my time is a blow job and yes that is a good thing to me but this is not what they are talking about.Boy I wish they would all men and women would line up and say get to blowing! BUT noooooo! they are saying you are making me mad! Why the snot can’t you just say you are pissing me off! But they would say You Blow Me!YBM why do you used this you already used Y for why, U for you, R for are! Is these three letters word so hard to spell? NO! SO HERE’S MY SPIN ON YBM! YOU BLACK MONKEY MAYBE OR YOUR BUTT MUSIC Anyway we say some of the stupid phases the don’t make sense! Like this one:Peace pastorsvoice! HOLLA!

hold that !


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