soul to soulsho…

soul to soul

shock my life

We look for a movement or a ripple in the phase of our fabric in the vast ongoing push to greatness but is greatness worth the pushing away of all the true souls that had gravitate to you to be a big help to complete you as a soul.But in your push for greatness you blow threw souls like a lawnmower in short grass so many is toss out and never giving a chance to show how much of a asset they are to you.In fulfilling to become complete as a clog in the wheel of life.But you took the other route and became a real big” DICK” that most will ask what is his problem? All you bring is the worst to the movement and your smart mouth and stupid views make most hate you. And you deem yourself as a bright spot that if you never came in my life I would have been nothing! But NEWSFLASH I”M STILL STANDING! And all your efforts to make me in to what you think I should be well who fooled you that soul to soul was a life no it’s my fragrance that I wear and you don’t smell that good!Why you stank as a mate so bye-bye my mistake! peace pastorsvoice!P.S how lost is you sorry you are in my mind so enjoy the ride! two for two monday next blog $3.00 of gas in my truck please read!


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