$3.00 DOLLARS O…


need a train

TO : all that stay in the cities of america you are bless! “Public Transportation” see no gas no car insurance no tires no oil no water no belts no hoses no brakes no little black boxes that line up under the hood of the ride you are in. No window scraper in snow or no snow chains for wheels see this is the world of CARS!See in the city it don’t matter if you don’t have a car.But when you live in a town that has no form of public movement but feet what feet your feet!And the only transportation car or walk! You pick your car or cab no bus no train no man in boat or on the little bikes with seat on back!Just $5.00 one way in cab! See how good it is to catch the redeye or L train or c line  or 42 street bus line but thats not my case! THAT thing we call gas that was just in the earth minding it’s on gassy state! But we need it for a car!Now all these places we got in this world that has gas ! Why in the world $3.00 dollars worth of gas will not give me one dog gone gallon of gas!HEY $2.99 will get me one gallon of milk and you use the gas from this to heat your house HECK some had one in back yard!$2 .89 get me a gallon of piggly wiggle not real but powder juice and water don’t forget sugar! BUT just one gallon of gas is out of my reach for $3.00 dollars! TO all the gas users that has no choice but to depend on it but cause the store is 10 miles away arsnd no trains run in your area! Lets get together and ask the big oil company hey hook a brother up let me get a gallon of gas for $3.00 dollars! ALL who feel me post a heck yeah! see it’s been a long time between city life so this is country life but it has it’s up’s The bugs invite you to dinner and they bite you and drain your blood out for dinner! And if I could i’ll take these $3.00 dollars and buy me a gallon of gas but I can’t why ? It’s cost more than $3.00 dollars DUH!$3.00 dollars what a bummer! peace pastorsvoice!


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