feel this

feeling this?
This is to the couples: All men like to see how hot can we make you and not to be left standing up dry! We who have found out that most get wet when you mess with the little man in the boat.What boat ok let’s take a journey on your body girl well the boat landing is past the twins by going in between the twins kissing the top of the two so softly down on the smooth trail to a valley that if you blow in you can see the whole body shake!So you take your red tornado and lick down toward the pink tornado but not that far sure it feel so good when we get in the spin of the wetness but not yet! Some times men stop at top visit the man in the boat! See if you don’t know what that is? Then you never had pleasure that make your river run wild! OK women close your eyes. And men take your hand and run down the curves of her body until you wind up close to the point but do this first and this is a sure bet that when you swim in the river both will get wet! Take your tongue which is your red tornado and lay it on that little piece of meat that is shape like a cherry on the vine but don’t go to the river yet because she is ready to back up or back peddle away and say hold up I’m shaking! Man get the click or lick the click! By now your mind is racing and you are saying is he talking about what I’m thinking? Well let’s see I”M TALKING ABOUT MAKING A SMILE COME ON YOUR WOMAN FACE! But if you feel like this is not you then don’t come to me saying my man don’t please me well if you stop sending mix signals and go with the flow and stop thinking you know what love is because if you did then why is your man with some one else! YOUR BEST FRIEND! TOT TOT! PASTORSVOICE! PEACE!

do you know where I am?


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