To all that have them well I’m a strong believer of this: Dolls or baby dolls is the most creepy things if you want me to run show me a baby doll It’s the way they move their eyes! Most men that came up in the time that baby dolls was the same size is you! WAS SUCH A PUSSY TO THE BABY DOLL. And my sisters knew that I was afraid of those demons dolls.Why It’s the way they look at you and in my time if you lay the dolls down their eyes would close and act like they was sleep.But wait they just acting sleep but will open their eyes and look at you!Then they will lose their hair,arms,legs,and head! But the girls would still put those half dead looking things in my room to make me stay in the room But let them try that now Man I would bust those doll babies to the white meat! Oh my bad to the rubber!These demons just stand there and wait until the light go out and their eyes would reflect the shadows in my room just to scare me man I hate dolls babies.You know DOLLS stand for demon of little ladies show-nuff>or don’t open leave lights shining! why their eye follow you around the room! So if you have a doll baby kill it because they are EVIL yes I said it EVIL and you know what that stands for Eddie’s verdict is leap son! Get away if you can and dolls are spooky! peace pastorsvoice!

got my eyes on you!


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