The plan

The plan!

Life plan to simplicity is not simple in fact most is so lost we don’t know what to expect! LET’S look in and see! Today to you who read this and instantaneously” WOW BIG WORD” That word did not come out my brain! SPELL CHECK IS OFF THE CHAIN HOW COULD ANY BRAIN COME UP WITH A FREAKIN WORD LIKE THAT ! That word has HAS 15 letters in that word has more letter that this whole world’s of 14 years old people places and things!See I went to school too! HE HE REALLY! Who in his normal mind.NOT YOU WHO READ THE DICTIONARY EVERY DAY! But us who go threw life just trying to fit in but still trying to be the best in this mess we call a life but we go on like all is well but who fooled you? We face something called: THE UNKNOWN,So HERE’S THE PLAN! Do this next time you mess up real bad Listen stick your head between you leg and kiss your ass Good-Bye! Why my plan was to make you aware that there is a little bit of ass kissing in everyone even if it’s your own ass. And to you that get offended at ass well it’s in the bible and you have one your dog got one we make one out of our self when we mess up real bad! And some are born one but never the less who in there right mind would sit down and think of a fifteen letter word and then write a blog about it?NOT ME man I must be on some good stuff why? you are in my mind and speller check came with the word. Now lets ride! peace pastorsvoice!

inside my head!


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