off in simplicity

off in simplicity!

Time to just be real simple spit for your time!Me in this state of mind blowing threw this grind feeling mighty fine all you have is that kind that why I always say’s :Live your life by the line make sure that you got spine spinning by my mind so hot it burn a path down in depth of a black hole in life that just might be a spark in this dark and smoke fill pit that we get while this fool is talking all this and all he had to say is hey! Hey that all how simple is that. Why is man so blind that they think that we have no mind to see all the tricks that they do behind trying to stall a voice like mine! Smooth as silk flow in boldness and to show this come and go with me take this trip and see how far can you be when you read these few lines to thee! This is how we get the one who need to be got take ten and say not here your time is mine why this may be when you first read this you said: is this blog hot now when you read it and what you got a simple blog that may not don’t be understand it’s off in simplicity and hard it’s not and the more you read the lost you got this is my way of telling you that what you are in if you don’t be careful this blog is all you got to stop anyone from tell you that you just got Got! And what is G.O.T G is – get. O is- over AND T is trick put it all together and you get get over tricked! sorry it’s just a trip off in simplicity! peace pastorsvoice!

fool you!


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