Fuel in a lighter

fuel in a lighter

FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! most get amaze when it is burning. Oh how pretty is the yellow and blue flame! But we only see two of the elements that make fire to be fire! Spark and fuel but the one thing that is present that we don’t see is the thing all living matter need. What is the oxygen! Give me my space and stop sucking out all my oxygen. My life is at a great stand still why? You took all my oxygen away how when we met you compared me to all that made you happy but none was there! You told me what you like but never allow me to give it to you in my own way. See to have FIRE you need three parts one part spark! See if you did not spark my imagination this is what draw us together which is called the spark.If not this would have not happen! TWO need fuel because I’m digging you and you are feeling me as we spent time now this is the fuel that makes it work remember you told me how all that was before me made you happy but you fail to realize that the reason they are not here is the reason I’m saying give me back my oxygen so we burn in a flame that can not be put out ask you grand mother and her 60 years of marriage! You say I can’t see my self with some one that long. Why In all the time past you stole the key that makes love last the oxygen the Third and final part to my blog h2o or air or wind! THAT”S what you call it but if life it’s what we steal from our partner when we don’t try to give our all toward making a life so get a life and give me my oxygen back!

blue and yellow pretty

burn my life

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