to go but never leave

to go but never leave

What in the world is you talking about? If I go. I’m out of your life and no more am I there but this is far from the truth! Because you are still in my mine my heart is still in love with you so many nights I wonder why you left or why I put you out but you are still in my mind most will say I’m sprung or in love but this is not so if you be around some one they rub off on you and it take time to rid your mind and heart of them so they may be gone but they are still there! Until you train your self to handle the change you all ways referrer to the time that you was with someone how can I say you are out my life when all the good thing start to flood your mind.But all the bad that they did seems to be non important. So what is my cure to be free is: First get a new plan of operation when the good feeling flood your mind and tell you that you made a mistake by letting them go! STOP! and say at lease now I can see you but don’t want to be you why you are a memory! Second look at the bad and the bad is why they is there! And if you forget why you put them out bring them back and let them remind you why you put them out the first place! WOW you left but you are still here! peace pastors voice!

not your turn!

not your turn!


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