22,16 and 16 ?

22,16 and 16 ?

These are the ages of the ones who put a 45 caliber pistol to my head and said give me all your cash! All my thoughts was on pause! Look when you can smell the 3-n1 oil that they clean it with and the smell of metal in my face! So you give all your money but that’s not enough! They want more! But that’s all you have. Now the 22 year old come and get in the car man i’m screwed! What now? You have a 16 years old kid who had to prove that he had the balls! And a 22 years old who you can’t read and some one in the shadows who just seem like they was calling the shots! His voice breaks into a command! You got more give it up or i’m going to bring it to ya! Smell the heat! as he put the gun in my face! Think Eddie Think so I reach for the gun and he pulled it back! WOW if anybody know about streets is if you pull your piece use your piece! But he did something that would have ended his life! But he let me get in his head the 22 years old is so neutral that his phone took his attention and the kid put his gun in my face for the last time so I hit his hand and hit the gas on my taxi and the 22 years old is stuck in taxi with me! TWO SHOTS RING OUT POW POW ! Now 16 hours later we is in court Now add their ages and you get 54! Two got 30+10 and one got 30. add it up you get 70 now take 54 from 70 you get 26 now they will have to complete 26 just to have a chance to say I”M SORRY WHAT A WASTE OF TIME WITH THIS BLACK ON BLACK CRIMES! LAST WORDS YOU WILL HEAR CAB DRIVER AND PREACHER MAN IS DEAD THIS YEAR! TRUE SPIT!

this is the way we live!



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