morning blues!

Morning Blues!

Oh heck no its 6 o’clock in the morning. Its not that 6 o’clock is important but what is important is that every thing around me is aggravating me and you all know i’m not a morning person.Now its 6:01 and still my attitude has not change. People talking and i really don’t care, asking dumb DUMB questions like I been there not only that i got to get up and do what my body is telling me not to do. All this is going on in my mind and now its just 6:05. Now your wondering why i’m giving time because in the morning we always try to be so KIND when you know like i know that you are the last person i wanna see but not the first person talking to ME! 6:07 now my time has come to go in the bathroom and do number 1but before i get there to add to my morning delight i got an 18 year old who acts like the bathroom is there life. For all who understand that in the morning is not in high demand 12 o’clock is FINE so why are you calling me at 6:09!!!!! EVERYDAY you scream i’m later than later but in my mind your just a hater with your ‘cheery-attitude’ and your “how do you do?” You should know by now that im not listening at you. 6:15 im out the door back to this job that i hate so ever more talking to people who i can not mention because their life is so stupid its always SO much tension. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA is the fuel for today. Man its just 6:20 in the morning can it wait okay? I leave you with this little piece of my feeling. Is anyone out there understanding what i’m feeling mornings is HELL and me and it has no dealings.
peace -Pastorsvoice

and you know it man!



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