preacherman:paranormal spirit movement!

preacherman: paranormal spirit movement!

To all that believes in a spirits and ghost hey they been here before we was but this is a true event! OK we was on our way to Mount Clare  off dovesville  Hwy. We was on a green van not the blue and white van that made me so ashamed that if I could all that laugh then we just could have bust them in the head and see the white meat! But we was suppose  to be holy so we just took it! But that was then and this is now !All just left a hot services singing and playing on van then lee said: Look across the field! What in the world is that? It was a figure about a sixth foot tall  that shine as it move down the edge of the woods it looked like it was on a coarse to intercept us as we approach the curve! and the closer we got the figure looked like a woman as we got to the curve the van cut off and stop in middle of the road! AT this time all might tried to act brave but I was scared out of my mind HECK NO I did not think of god, angels  or any thing holy my mind when straight to GHOST! NO E.T nothing extra out here no was not thinking of any visitation nothing but this sixth foot tall glowing woman is heading to our van and guess what this van was stopped in middle of the road and it was dead! ALL the doors flew open and people began to try and bail but at the back door was a red eyed lee and at the side door was this six foot tall shinny lady! Now ask me the million dollar question: how do she look? Hey I just told you SHE  WAS SHINNY! And his eyes was red and he was babbling about we need to get our life in order because he was coming! Now you look hear no one ask the six foot tall woman anything about Jesus. Nor did we care we was praying like we had no tomorrow but watch this as soon as he got finish scaring the be-Jesus vanish and the van cranked all the way home most people was slung out in the spirit call on Jesus then we was so save then why we a few moments ago we was scared shit-less  if I may be true-fully you did not have to have said I was saved to pray the fear of the un-known had you call for your maker! true spit! your turn cabdriver! I know you are laughing! peace pastorsvoice!

true story!


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