Reaching up to touch bottom

Reaching up to touch bottom!

Your top is my bottom you go higher when my bottom gets lower! All gain on your part is a decline on my part! Ok let’s flow! Rich and poor who can ask for more! Reaching for the stars from you means pulling me in the dark down I go you said to hell but will power said no no! Me I’ll like to see if times change can you be me.You said to work hard is the american dream well give me my start and stop holding my dreams! Oh ten feet tall and bullet proof is your goals.When you stand on others you feel so bold.Reaching up to touch bottom is what rest have been told! Your up is my down you in i’m out, you go me stop, you is so and i’m not. Oh how you blow me can’t you see for you to win I have to lose, when you get I have to give. All in me is to just touch bottom or to break even just to feel like I’m somebody who you need to hold you up! To be wanted ,needed, love you just don’t understand I’m your rock and you are my sky, I’m your floor and you are my ceiling. The more you want is the more I do to make sure that you are you. Now seeing that i’m apart of you and you are in me.Ever so deeply why I write like I write is why my bottom is your top see all that have a child this is what you got. Know what it means to support them and don’t steal their dreams by standing on top never feeling that the words of your mouth hurt! So don’t harm your child by saying how dum they are or how they will never be nothing why look at me this is all I heard! SO STOP THE HURT! LOVE ME FOR ME AND NEVER LET GO!!!!!     P.S if you have kids or nieces or nephews  treat them like they is all you got!  peace pastorsvoice

all eyes is on you!


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