AT death in mind


TRUE SPIT! In my mind at any giving time death cross my mind and I ask my self is it my time? Feel the lost and lonely feel the push of how I can’t make it. You say you know how I feel but has death came and played in your field? Why is my pain such a game with the powers that may be but no one give a dam about me! Fame and fortune is what’s up but the ones that got you there is left in the dust! Now here come my old friend running in my mind again! Stop telling me it will be alright but never giving me the key to my life. Dreaming is good but money is better but death stay in my mind because life has stole both and now see how coldness flood my soul. Why do I write about my nightmare because when darkness come no one is there to understand the deepness of my fears and no one to deliver me from my own self destruction! No help in sight all my pain is on me tonight man i’m not feeling right boom boom is my plight man need someone to just hear how close death is in my life. Some of you can agree because you feel just like me just if one that cause this pain just let me unload my brain and tell about the insane game that death is playing with me  and with you to know he’s not your friend. Think  about that if you will remember that before you wreck someones life again! You can eat can sleep why call this beef! Not meaning to jump on someone phase but to touch my mind about what I want to be listen my life is mess up enough tell me how to get this out my head then I tell you what I want to be. OH how free is we ? When even a clock or a bell tells us what to do! No bells or clocks tell you what to do next time to class ask your self who is in charge next morning ask the same thing! Why WHY is the thing that is made to take me out is all way in my camp! How come MY cry always goes un answers? Why out of all this knowledge they say that they have we is still dying with out a cause! You who read this take it for real preacherman and cabdriver is levels of pain that I have been threw! but pastorsvoice is real and if you read this mean i’m in you peace!

all-ways present


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